Sleeping Babies = Sweet Dreams (and photos)

Mother holding infant girl. In black and white

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my friend’s newborn and sibling session.  I had the opportunity to participate in another sweet session over the weekend.

Newborn sessions are some of the most relaxing and fulfilling photo sessions I do.  There is something about a baby sleeping that is so peaceful.  They are so relaxed for the fifteen minutes that they are sleeping that you, yourself can’t help but feel relaxed.

There is also something that can’t explained about how beautiful a new mom is holding her sweet baby.  She radiates joy.  It could also be the fact that she can finally breathe easily again.  But from what I have experienced, every time you get to look into your baby’s eyes or even watching them sleep, you can feel how precious that child is.

Baby in black and white lying on back

That was why when this beautiful family asked me to do this session for them, I jumped at the opportunity.  They had just moved into their house right before their baby was born and are still in the process of renovating.  However, this afforded a nice opportunity for me as their sitting room was still bare.

So I brought in my in-home studio equipment and we set everything up there.  I provided several backdrops and lighting situations, and all they needed to do was prepare to snuggle.  It made it easy on them because they didn’t have to pack everything up and leave the house.  Everything they needed was there in their house and I provided the means to help them capture this tender point in their lives without the hassle.

For my shoots, I like to provide a classic studio look, while also portraying real life situations.  I do generally avoid full naked baby photos, for the reasons that things can get wet and messy in the blink of an eye.  Having gone through this twice for myself, things just stay cleaner when the diaper stays in place.  That’s not to say that you can’t find some adorable diaper covers and wraps.  Another advantage to this, is that your baby will stay asleep longer because they are warm and wrapped up.

As we were packing up, they both kept saying how much they appreciated my assistant and I for coming.  I must say that it is I, who was grateful. Firstly, because I got to hold their tiny baby, but also because I was able to help them remember this stage of their lives.

Thanks for tuning in and have a great week my friend!

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Portrait Sessions in Tight Places Are Opportunities for Creativity

The Problem

The past couple of months, I have been searching out and photographing at various locations that have a very urban feel.  I’ve chosen a different city for each shoot and this time we were in Eagle, Idaho.  I had hoped to have a fun small-scale city feel, but I found this was going to be a bit more difficult upon closer inspection.

This couple was fantastic to work with. They were fun and were willing to help me out so that our session went great.  I had scouted out this location a few days prior, but on the day of, I was struggling with composing the shots.  I found there were a great deal more dumpsters, road signs, and debris than I had originally thought.  

The Solution

This posed a problem as we were walking around.  I wanted an urban feel to this session, but all the trash was a bit too urban.  So we got a bit more creative with this session.  We were working in pretty confined places so to hide the debris, we used a trick of creating a smoke effect with baby powder.  It was incredibly helpful to hide all that stuff and it was all done on location. 

We also did a great deal of up close and personal shots with the sides of buildings and roads.  Even though our location wasn’t the best I have used in the past, we still made the most of it.   The best part was when we found a large grey stone building.  It created the background I needed and really highlighted my couple.  

So regardless of where we will be shooting, great locations can be found and help you look your very best.


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Four Ways to Totally Rock Your Portrait Session


Portraits can seem intimidating to some people. You are the lone person in front of the camera and that can feel a bit unnerving for someone who has not had much experience with this. However, I want you to feel comfortable. I want you to feel like a RockSTAR, because the truth of it is, YOU ARE!

To help you be a RockSTAR, here are some simple tips to keep in mind.

Determine what type of shoot you are doing. Is it going to be rustic, by old barns and buildings? Is it going to be an urban shoot with an industrial feel? Are you going into the mountains or the woods?  Answering this one question will help you narrow down your wardrobe selection.

Wear complimentary colors.  Purples with yellows, greens and reds, oranges with blues, etc.  Or stick to the same palette, such as all neutrals.  However, as there is an exception to every rule, if you have a favorite accessory, or shirt, by all means wear it.  It will make your photos more authentic and increase how comfortable you are in front of the camera.

Wear different layers and textures.  This is the key to making one photo shoot look like several because you can change your outfit by simply adding a jacket or scarf.  With fashion, contrast is important.  So, if you have that cute little black dress, why not throw on some biker boots to give it some attitude?

For you girls, Heavier make up is a must.  It may feel a bit awkward if you are not used to it, but I can promise you that it will improve your portraits.  If you are unsure about doing it yourself, get a friend who is make up savvy or use one of these tutorials by Michelle Phan.  I have personally used several of her glam looks with great success.

Woman looking away from camera with hands near face.

I hope these tips help.  Be sure to check out A Style Guide For Your Engagement Photo Session: To help you look and feel your best if you are doing photos as a couple or for your engagements.

If you have found any tips that have worked for you, or you have tried some of my tips, please share! I would love to hear from you.

Until next week!


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Fresh Starts and New Beginnings

New Year’s Day = A Chance at a New YOU!

I love New Year’s Day.  When I wake up in the morning, if feels as though I left a hundred pound weight behind me and I am ready and excited to set out on my new goals.  I feel as though I can do anything.  I hope feel that same way too.

You ARE Beautiful

One of my goals this year is to help all my clients see just how beautiful they are.  You all are the reason I am here and I feel so blessed to serve you as you prepare for a wedding day or put together photos for you to use in your workspace.  You are beautiful and you are worth it.

Seeing It Through Til the Sun Shines Again

This couple put up with wild weather during our shoot.  It started out a bit windy and then it snowed! Quite a lot I might add.  By the end of the session, however, the sun had come out and it was positively dazzling.  Through it all they kept smiling and laughing.  I feel this is the way we all should approach our challenges.

A man and a woman standing in different directions. Man looking at woman. Woman looking at camera

When we see bad weather coming, I think we should face it head on, because after it’s all over, the sun appears and what we have accomplished is dazzling.  So here is to another year.  A better year.  A better and more successful you.

Comment with a goal you have set this year.  I would love to hear from you.

Until next week!


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Family Winter Shoot

Happy Monday!

I can’t believe Christmas is in just SEVEN DAYS!  This past weekend I had the special privilege to do family photos for a wonderful family I know.  It was a bit cold and it had snowed the night before, but the sunshine that morning was stunning.

Living in the Treasure Valley, we tend to get inversion, which is really quite dark and gloomy.  So to have this whole Saturday of sunshine was a blessed reprieve.   However, it posed a bit of a problem for our shoot.  Bright sunlight causes intense shadows on faces and clothing, which can be distracting and unattractive.

Luckily the location we were at had plenty of places to allow us to get out of the bright light.  With the snow bouncing light up into faces as well as a gold reflector disc (thanks to my lovely assistant), the photos were perfectly balanced on light.

Family hugging and surround mom.Although winter shoots may not be as enjoyable due to the cold, they certainly can be beautiful.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year as I will not be posting again until after the holidays.



Newborns and Toddlers: How Do They Grow So Fast?

Baby wrapped up in blankets asleep in Sepia

A friend approached me recently, asking if I would do a shoot of her two little girls.  This friend and I grew up like sisters next door to one another.  I am happy to say that our friendship is still strong, though we live on different sides of the state.  I said “Absolutely!” and was there a short time later.

Her girls are just darling.  The older sister, a sweet girl with a determined personality, did not want to give me too many smiles until we brought out the bubbles.  Then she was too excited to do anything else.

Toddler girl in a chair in sepia

The infant, wasn’t sure what to think about blankets that didn’t smell like her mom or the black thing in front of her that kept clicking.  But with mom close by holding her hand and speaking soft words of encouragement, we got great shots.

These little girls won’t remember this shoot one bit.  But they will get to cherish these photos as they get older.  My friend will get to look back on them and say “My goodness, how did my babies grow up so fast!

Our memories will fade, but our photos won’t.  And I know that my friend will get to have the sweet recollections of her girls, the same way I get to enjoy my baby boys again and again through their photos.

By capturing these precious little ones at such an innocent time, you will always be reminded of why you chose to become a mother.

Have a great week everyone!



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