12 Things You NEED For Your Next Family Photo


12 Things


Family photos can be complete chaos and full of unhappy people, but they DON’T HAVE TO BE!  Take off some of the stress by following these simple tips.

  • Coordinate your colors.  This is very important as it allows good flow in your photo and helps ensure one person does not sticks out.  Check out my Pinterest board for color palettes.


A couple stands in front of an old cabin in the woods

  • Choose a specific style of clothing.  If this will be a formal photo, consider wearing button up shirts with slack or skirts.  If it is a casual photo, you can wear dark jeans with a nicer top.  Just make sure everyone knows the plan and is comfortable in what they will be wearing.
  • Avoid wearing shorts unless it is specific to the theme for your photos. The lightest part of a photo is what usually catches our attention first and if you are anything like me, your skin is naturally pretty light.  Keep the attention on your face and away from your legs by wearing long pants.  *If you are wear a skirt, consider wearing darker nylons.
  • Wear shirts with 3/4 sleeves or longer.  This follows the same rule as #2.  If you want to keep the focus on your face, cover your arms.  Low necked blouses can also be a problem.  Skin attracts the eyes.   Avoid shirts with extreme patterns or character t-shirts.  These can detract from the photo.
  • Consider layering your clothing as well.  This can add variety to your photos as well as keep you warm or cool, depending on the season.
  • Pay attention to socks and shoes! This might not be something you normally think about, but the shoes will make or break the outfit.  You shoes need to match the tone of your clothing.  Usually black or brown shoes do quite well.  But don’t forget the socks! White socks will stick out just as bad as bare skin, so consider wearing black or another dark color of sock.  If you sit down in any of your photos, you will thank me.

Woman with hand on cheek softly looking at camera. full color with a warm tone.

  • Women: coordinate hairstyles.  This might seem a bit odd, but think about it.  If one person has their hair up while the rest have it done, that person will stick out.  Decide among your party and then stick with it. Avoid hats.  They tend to cover too much of the face.
  • Make-up should be clean, but a little heavier than your usual day-wear.  This will help your eyes pop in the photos.
  • Be prepared for close ups.  I shoot individuals as well as the full group.  This way you have several options to hang on your wall.  So consider putting on lotion on dry hands or getting a great skin care routine going and exfoliate regularly so that your foundation doesn’t get cakey.
  • Bring supplies to revive hair and make-up.  This is especially important if we are doing a session in the middle of summer or it becomes windy during our time together.
  • Jewelry and accessories should be kept simple.  Avoid chunky necklaces or large bows.  Remember the focus needs to be you and your family.  Not your attire.
  • Plan to arrive about 10 minutes prior to your scheduled session.  This will allow for traffic problems, bad weather, or wardrobe problems as you are on your way.

I look forward to seeing you at our session!


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