Six Tips for Preparing for Your Headshot Session

I have recently had the privilege to provide headshots for several individuals and can I say just how fun they were?  Two sessions were shot outdoors, while another was at Studio Boise, (which I highly recommend you check out if you are in the area.  Fantastic service and friendly staff.)  From these sessions I have pulled together some things that each of these clients did well and can be of use to you as you plan for your upcoming shoot.

Here are six tips to help your next headshot session be exactly what you want.

  1. Get your suit or dress cleaned and pressed.  This may seem like you are getting ready for a job interview.  Depending on what you intend to gain from your headshot session, you may very well be doing just that.  This photo can be for a client, a future boss, or a voter’s first glimpse of who you are.  Whatever the reason, you want to impress them.
  2. Wear the full suit.  Yes it may just be a headshot, but sometimes I like to capture the whole individual so that we can get a greater sense of who you are and what your brand is.  This is even true for you ladies.  It also helps out in my retouching process.

Headshot of man in suit in front of brown background

3. Beware of LOUD Jewelry. Jewelry is a great way to accessorize and make yourself stand out, but be careful.  Sometimes your jewelry can speak louder than your eyes, which is something we never want to do.  Your eyes are what will make you love  your photos. Large necklace pieces or earring may detract so keep things simple and on the smaller end.

4. Wear heavier makeup.  This can be uncomfortable and even tricky.  If you are not familiar with this avenue of makeup, there are lots of tutorials and I’m sure you have a friend or two that would be delighted to help.  I am even available to help you during our session or we can locate a professional makeup artist.

Woman with hand on cheek softly looking at camera. full color with a warm tone.

5. Wear Comfortable Yet Flattering Attire. It may take some time before you are comfortable in front of the camera if this is your first time.  So I encourage you to wear what makes you feel your best and is comfortable for you.  We will generally do standing, leaning, and sitting poses.

6.  Make Use of Your Hairspray. Whether we are shooting outdoors or in the studio, the use of hair spray is vital.  As with the photo below, you never know what can happen.  We were setting up for this shoot when it started snowing.  Luckily my beautiful model here was prepared and her hair lasted wonderfully for the full shoot.  If we are in the studio, the warmth coming of the lights can cause your hair to fall flat if it isn’t supported well.  I will usually have some on hand if we find that you are in need of a touch up.

Woman in front of brick building with a hat and vest over green shirt. Snow can be seen on the woman and floating around.

BONUS! One last tip to send you home.  I highly recommend consider using contrast in your attire.  Leather boots with a soft knit dress, a bold tie in contrast to your dark suit, you get the idea.

I hope you enjoyed these tips and I look forward to working with you!

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