Sleeping Babies = Sweet Dreams (and photos)

Mother holding infant girl. In black and white

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my friend’s newborn and sibling session.  I had the opportunity to participate in another sweet session over the weekend.

Newborn sessions are some of the most relaxing and fulfilling photo sessions I do.  There is something about a baby sleeping that is so peaceful.  They are so relaxed for the fifteen minutes that they are sleeping that you, yourself can’t help but feel relaxed.

There is also something that can’t explained about how beautiful a new mom is holding her sweet baby.  She radiates joy.  It could also be the fact that she can finally breathe easily again.  But from what I have experienced, every time you get to look into your baby’s eyes or even watching them sleep, you can feel how precious that child is.

Baby in black and white lying on back

That was why when this beautiful family asked me to do this session for them, I jumped at the opportunity.  They had just moved into their house right before their baby was born and are still in the process of renovating.  However, this afforded a nice opportunity for me as their sitting room was still bare.

So I brought in my in-home studio equipment and we set everything up there.  I provided several backdrops and lighting situations, and all they needed to do was prepare to snuggle.  It made it easy on them because they didn’t have to pack everything up and leave the house.  Everything they needed was there in their house and I provided the means to help them capture this tender point in their lives without the hassle.

For my shoots, I like to provide a classic studio look, while also portraying real life situations.  I do generally avoid full naked baby photos, for the reasons that things can get wet and messy in the blink of an eye.  Having gone through this twice for myself, things just stay cleaner when the diaper stays in place.  That’s not to say that you can’t find some adorable diaper covers and wraps.  Another advantage to this, is that your baby will stay asleep longer because they are warm and wrapped up.

As we were packing up, they both kept saying how much they appreciated my assistant and I for coming.  I must say that it is I, who was grateful. Firstly, because I got to hold their tiny baby, but also because I was able to help them remember this stage of their lives.

Thanks for tuning in and have a great week my friend!

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