Portrait Sessions in Tight Places Are Opportunities for Creativity

The Problem

The past couple of months, I have been searching out and photographing at various locations that have a very urban feel.  I’ve chosen a different city for each shoot and this time we were in Eagle, Idaho.  I had hoped to have a fun small-scale city feel, but I found this was going to be a bit more difficult upon closer inspection.

This couple was fantastic to work with. They were fun and were willing to help me out so that our session went great.  I had scouted out this location a few days prior, but on the day of, I was struggling with composing the shots.  I found there were a great deal more dumpsters, road signs, and debris than I had originally thought.  

The Solution

This posed a problem as we were walking around.  I wanted an urban feel to this session, but all the trash was a bit too urban.  So we got a bit more creative with this session.  We were working in pretty confined places so to hide the debris, we used a trick of creating a smoke effect with baby powder.  It was incredibly helpful to hide all that stuff and it was all done on location. 

We also did a great deal of up close and personal shots with the sides of buildings and roads.  Even though our location wasn’t the best I have used in the past, we still made the most of it.   The best part was when we found a large grey stone building.  It created the background I needed and really highlighted my couple.  

So regardless of where we will be shooting, great locations can be found and help you look your very best.



Do you have a great location you want to get photographed at? Let me know! I am always up for expanding the locations I shoot at.  Be sure to check out my Engagement Style Guide or Four Ways to Rock Your Portrait Session.

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