Fresh Starts and New Beginnings

New Year’s Day = A Chance at a New YOU!

I love New Year’s Day.  When I wake up in the morning, if feels as though I left a hundred pound weight behind me and I am ready and excited to set out on my new goals.  I feel as though I can do anything.  I hope feel that same way too.

You ARE Beautiful

One of my goals this year is to help all my clients see just how beautiful they are.  You all are the reason I am here and I feel so blessed to serve you as you prepare for a wedding day or put together photos for you to use in your workspace.  You are beautiful and you are worth it.

Seeing It Through Til the Sun Shines Again

This couple put up with wild weather during our shoot.  It started out a bit windy and then it snowed! Quite a lot I might add.  By the end of the session, however, the sun had come out and it was positively dazzling.  Through it all they kept smiling and laughing.  I feel this is the way we all should approach our challenges.

A man and a woman standing in different directions. Man looking at woman. Woman looking at camera

When we see bad weather coming, I think we should face it head on, because after it’s all over, the sun appears and what we have accomplished is dazzling.  So here is to another year.  A better year.  A better and more successful you.

Comment with a goal you have set this year.  I would love to hear from you.

Until next week!


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