Newborns and Toddlers: How Do They Grow So Fast?

Baby wrapped up in blankets asleep in Sepia

A friend approached me recently, asking if I would do a shoot of her two little girls.  This friend and I grew up like sisters next door to one another.  I am happy to say that our friendship is still strong, though we live on different sides of the state.  I said “Absolutely!” and was there a short time later.

Her girls are just darling.  The older sister, a sweet girl with a determined personality, did not want to give me too many smiles until we brought out the bubbles.  Then she was too excited to do anything else.

Toddler girl in a chair in sepia

The infant, wasn’t sure what to think about blankets that didn’t smell like her mom or the black thing in front of her that kept clicking.  But with mom close by holding her hand and speaking soft words of encouragement, we got great shots.

These little girls won’t remember this shoot one bit.  But they will get to cherish these photos as they get older.  My friend will get to look back on them and say “My goodness, how did my babies grow up so fast!

Our memories will fade, but our photos won’t.  And I know that my friend will get to have the sweet recollections of her girls, the same way I get to enjoy my baby boys again and again through their photos.

By capturing these precious little ones at such an innocent time, you will always be reminded of why you chose to become a mother.

Have a great week everyone!



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