Your Bridal Shoot: Why it matters

When I got married, I did not choose to get specific bridal photos.  We were on a bit of a tight budget and wanted to make sure our wedding was the focus.  Our photographers did a superb job and captured everything I wanted.  They even snapped a quick bridal photo while they were doing our couple shots the night before (which I highly recommend).  The shot they captured was stunning.  Even now, eight years later, every time I see that photo I feel like a queen.

I wish I had more of those, especially with two extremely active boys running around, I don’t always feel beautiful.  I feel less like a queen and more like the scullery maid.  Yet when my oldest boy flips through our old wedding album and I see that picture, I remember how beautiful I felt.  I know that underneath my mom persona, I still am that queen who stole my husband’s heart and continue to hold it close.

Whether you choose to get them done as part of the couple’s shoot like I did or you choose to do a separate session, you need to remember how beautiful you are.  You need to remember who your husband fell in love with.  For those days when you feel so down, photos like these can make your day and remind you of the queen that you are.

Have a stellar week and remember that you are beautiful!