A Ten Year Anniversary

This Fall marks the tenth anniversary I have been a photographer.  I am amazed to think it has been that long.  My first job I was ever hired for was an engagement shoot for the brother and his fiance of my then  boyfriend.  I was simply ecstatic for this couple to get married and even more so that I would get to capture those memories for them.   These photos are still some of my favorites.  You can’t replace the pure joy on a bride’s face as she takes that first walk with her new husband and the groom can’t tear his eyes away from the most beautiful woman he’s ever met.


Rings sitting in bouquet of flowers

As I peruse these photos, I am astonished to see just how far I’ve come.

Bride and groom with heads close together

(2017: Thurgood Wedding)

Ten years can change a person, but I am glad to say that in this case, it is for the better.  Since my first wedding, I have given others those precious memories, as well as explored other avenues of photography.  Yet I always come back to this. Weddings bring the most joy to a young couple and I love to be able to capture those moments.  So, here is to another ten years full of learning and growth for me, as well as helping others to remember the bliss of their special day.